Know Your State

Geography is a fun subject of study and can be done any school year at any age. You can include it as a separate subject but is more naturally learned in the context of history, science, and even art. Geography can easily meld into your daily routine. It is vital to establish a foundation of geography and creating a simple state study is an effective way to generate interest. Have you covered your home state? Do your children know where your state is located within the boundaries of the … [Read More...]

Facebook Party Giveaway: A Journey Through Learning

We'd like to offer a special thank you  to our friends at A Journey Through Learning. The folks at A Journey Through Learning are the creators and publishers of lapbooks for nearly every topic imaginable. They have general topic lapbooks for holidays, literature, history, math, science and much more. In addition to their general topic lapbooks, A Journey Through Learning also offers lapbooks that correspond to many popular homeschool curriculum titles, including many of our geography … [Read More...]

Facebook Party Giveaway: See the Light

Art, history, cuisine, and geography are all interwoven and tell us much about the people groups of past and present. That's why we're so excited that See the Light is hosting a giveaway for our Facebook party. See the Light offers instructional art DVDs for kids in elementary through high school. Their Art Class set focuses on the basics of art, such as shape and space; value and color; color blending and perspective. Students can also enjoy their Art Projects series, in which each DVD takes … [Read More...]

Facebook Party: Homeschooling Today

It's that time of year when the  winter doldrums strike and everyone seems afflicted with cabin fever. Homeschooling Today magazine can help! In addition to offering information and encouragement from a Christian worldview, the magazine offers ready-to-use lessons and activities, which is perfect for fighting the effects of cabin fever. You can enter to win one of five 1-year subscriptions to Homeschooling Today - encouragement sent right to your mailbox four times a year! And, don't … [Read More...]


Facebook Party Giveaway: Ruth Beechick Bundle

We were saddened to learn of Ruth Beechick's death in late 2013. Ruth was a lifelong teacher, both in the classroom and as a curriculum writer. She was a mentor to the late Debbie Strayer, author of our Trail Guide to Learning series. Ruth's teaching philosophies heavily influenced Debbie's and helped shape the Trail Guide to Learning series. Ruth will be greatly missed. To honor Ruth and her contributions to homeschooling, we are giving away a copy of three of her books: The Three R's, You … [Read More...]


Facebook Party Giveaway: Sochi Bundle

The Olympics provide a great springboard for studying geography. We've created a Sochi bundle to help you make the most of the 2014 Winter Olympics. To celebrate our Facebook party, we're giving away one Sochi bundle. Have you ever thought that geography was a boring subject? Then you've never used these books! Eat Your Way Around the World is a taste buds-on approach to geography. Each country has its unique geographical features and agricultural products. These influence both the … [Read More...]

Facebook Party Giveaway: Trail Guide to Learning

We're so excited to offer you our Facebook party grand prize drawing! One winner will receive the Trail Guide to Learning complete package of their choice and the corresponding lapbooks from A Journey Through Learning! The winner can choose either Paths of Exploration, Paths of Settlement, or Paths of Progress!   The Trail Guide to Learning series combines real books, purposeful reading and writing, hands-on learning, and cross-curricular connections all based on the proven … [Read More...]

Facebook Party Giveaway: Common Sense Press

Thanks to our friends at Common Sense for sponsoring this giveaway for our Facebook party! Common Sense Press is the publisher of such well-known homeschool curriculum as: Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Word Smith and Great Science Adventures.Their goal is to offer easy-to-use curricula for homeschoolers, traditional schools, and parents who want to enrich their children's education. For our Facebook party giveaway, Common Sense Press is giving away five coupons worth up … [Read More...]


You’re Invited to a Facebook Party!

It's that time of year. It doesn't matter if you call it cabin fever or winter doldrums or just plain ol' homeschool mom burnout. Whatever it is, it can leave you feeling inadequate, guilty, isolated, and alone. So, we hope you'll join us on our Facebook page on Thursday, January 30, to recharge, rejuvenate, and rediscover your passion as a homeschool mom (or dad). We're going to be talking about learning together, as a family, and instilling a love of learning in our kids. In traditional … [Read More...]

Learning Styles and Choosing Curriculum

By Kay Chance Last year my son took Biology through a co-op class. For the tests they were required to know at least twenty vocabulary definitions for each unit, so I told him he needed to study the words and then I would quiz him. Unfortunately, when I quizzed him on the definitions he didn’t remember very many. It was as if he hadn’t even seen the words. So we tried something else. This time I said the definition to him and he would repeat it back to me, back and forth, until he had them … [Read More...]