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Paths of Settlement

Did you ever want to break free of traditional teaching approaches but worry that you wouldn't do it right?

Help is here. More than a curriculum, the Trail Guide to Learning series teaches you HOW to teach. Taken from the heart of Dr. Ruth Beechick's philosphy and personal mentoring, this curriculum not only guides you in what to teach, but how to make the most of these precious homeschooling years. Worry no more. The Trail Guide to Learning series.

Paths of Settlement is the second step on the Trail Guide to Learning. Key events studied include the Colonial Period, the Revolutionary War, the war of 1812, the Civil War, and Westward Expansion. Learn about the accomplishments of great Americans such as George Washington and Patrick Henry who built upon the trial blazed by brave explorers. Their actions teach us the principles of freedom and citizenship - founding and expanding our country, strengthening us in times of war and binding us together in times of struggle. This full one-year course is targeted for grades 4-6, but the lessons can be easily adapted for 3rd and 7th grades as well.

Pack your bags and prepare to travel from sea to sea with the settlers of America as your guide!

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