Adventures of Munford 4 Book Audio Set

Adventures of Munford 4 Book Audio Set

by Jamie Aramini

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Hello! My name is Munford. I am a water molecule.

Some days, I am a big wet drop of rain. When it gets cold, I become a hard piece of sleet. I really like it when I am a fluffy piece of snow. When things start to heat up, I become a gas. Then I can go anywhere the air goes! I'll even catch a ride in a cloud. What a way to travel!

I love adventure!

Follow the adventures of Munford in these delightful books written by Jamie Aramini and read by Jim Hodges.

  • Munford Meets Lewis and Clark
  • Munford and the American Revolution
  • Munford Meets Robert Fulton
  • Munford and the Klondike Gold Rush
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Format: Audio CD

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