Paths of Exploration 3rd Edition Packages

The Paths of American History begin with Exploration. Following the steps of famous explorers and pioneers across America, let geography be your guide to science, history, language skills, and the arts. This journey teaches students HOW to think by asking,...

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Paths of Exploration Middle School Extension Packages

This package includes all six readers required for Middle School students using Paths of Exploration, and the Middle School Supplement text on CD. The six units include: Unit 1 - Columbus (Carry On Mr. Bowditch) Unit 2 - Jamestown (Pocahontas)...

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Paths of Settlement Middle School Extension Packages

A Middle School Supplement provides guidance for older students who are using the learning series. Content follows along with the sourcebook but at a higher, more challenging level. Including higher level literature books, writing assignments, activities, and thinking skill points....

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Paths of Progress Packages

The Paths of Progress Complete Package is the third step on the Trail Guide to Learning. To grow as a country, another group of leaders had to step forward during our history—scientists and inventors. Study those who used their talents and abilities...

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Paths of Progress High School Extension Packages

This Package includes all twelve books required for High School Students using Paths of Progress.  Available with or without the Extension CD. Please note: This supplement is not a stand alone curriculum. You must have Paths of Progress curriculum in order to use the...

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Cantering the Country Bundle

Save more than $30 by purchasing this bundle containing all the resources used in Cantering the Country. The package includes: Cantering the Country Pre-printed Lapbook with folders Desk Atlas of the United States Earth Science for Every Kid Geography From...

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Galloping the Globe Bundle

Save more than $30 by purchasing this bundle containing many of the resources used in Galloping the Globe. The package includes: Galloping the Globe Pre-printed Lapbook with folders Junior Classroom Atlas Children Just Like Me Geography From A to Z Maps...

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U.S. Geography Package

Save money with these bundles specially assembled to include everything you need to embark upon an exciting adventure in United States Geography! The full GeoPack includes: Trail Guide to U.S. Geography 3-Level Student Notebook digital download Desk Atlas of the United States...

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World Geography Package

Basic World Geography Package Includes Trail Guide to World Geography and 3-Level Student Notebook digital download. The Student Notebook downloads contain outline maps needed for outline mapping assignments and activities, and the student pages associated with two Trail Blazing assignments for each...

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