Paths of Exploration Bible Supplement

Paths of Exploration Bible Supplement

by Elyce Tate

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The Light for the Trail Bible Study Supplement Digital Download for Paths of Exploration coincides with the six units in Exploration. An easy-to-use guide provides daily assignments and helps students make the most important connection of all—the one between their faith and their view of the world around them.

Character Traits

  • Unit 1
    Commitment: Dedication to your beliefs or plans.
  • Unit 2
    Endurance: To remain true to your beliefs or commitments during great difficulties or suffering.
  • Unit 3
    Obedience: Following the rules or directions of the one who leads you.
  • Unit 4
    Courage: The ability to do what you think is right in spite of danger, pain or fear.
  • Unit 5
    Faith: Actions and beliefs based on trust in God and others.
  • Unit 6
    Honor: To show great respect for someone.
Edition: 2010
Format: Digital Download

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