Paths of Exploration Junior

This carefully constructed Junior Extension (K-2) is designed to coordinate with your main Paths of Exploration manual and provide you with a flexible and stress-free way to give your younger student a sense of ownership and inclusion in your family learning experience. Your student...

Paths of Exploration Junior Student Notebooks

Student Notebooks for Paths of Exploration Junior. These are 3-hole punched and ready to use. Select grade.empty2016empty

Paths of Settlement 2nd Edition - Teacher Guides

Paths of Settlement is the second step on the Trail Guide to Learning. Key events studied include the Colonial Period, the Revolutionary War, the war of 1812, the Civil War, and Westward Expansion. Learn about the accomplishments of great Americans such as...

Paths of Settlement 2nd Edition Student Notebook Pages

Student notebooking is an integral part of this curriculum. It is one of the benefits of the teaching approach used in the Trail Guide to Learning Series. Notebooking work assigned throughout the teacher manuals are clearly labeled on every student page by unit, lesson,...

$10.00 from $5.00

Paths of Progress

Paths of Progress is the third step on the Trail Guide to Learning. To grow as a country, another group of leaders had to step forward during our history—scientists and inventors. Study those who used their talents and abilities to answer questions...

Paths of Progress Student Notebook Pages

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Journeys through the Ancient World 2nd Edition Teacher's Guide

Journeys through the Ancient World is the much awaited continuation in the Trail Guide to Learning Series. Paths, the first three levels of this curriculum, establishes a firm foundation of our American heritage at the elementary level. Now, Journeys leads students through the fascinating study of...

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Journeys Through the Ancient World Student Notebook Pages

Student Notebook pages for use with Journeys through the Ancient World. emptyemptyempty8.5" x 11"empty2017empty

The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide, 4th Ed.

20th Anniversary - 4th Edition Now in Stock! Geography Matters is excited to release the 2018 20th Anniversary Edition of The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide. A number of changes makes this proven resource even more user friendly. Fully updated...

Continents Study Package

Continents Study Package includes the following products at 40% OFF:  Continents Map Set Paper Continent Activity Books Set Optional: Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide emptyemptyemptyemptyemptyemptyempty

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