POS Junior Readers

POS Junior Readers

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Based on the number of requests, we have created a bundle of books for those students who are below the suggested age range for our Trail Guide to Learning Series. These bundles are comprised of six different books which follow along with the information taught in each of the Learning Series.

This Junior Reader set contains:

  • Unit 1 – Growing Pains: George Washington and the General’s Dog
  • Unit 2 – Freedom Decided: Thomas Jefferson’s Feast
  • Unit 3 – Nation Building: Francis Scott Key’s Star Spangled Banner
  • Unit 4 – House Divided: Abe Lincoln’s Hat
  • Unit 5 – Unity Restored: Escape North! The Story of Harriet Tubman
  • Unit 6 – Sea to Shining Sea: The True Story of Balto
ISBN: 73971
Product: JRPOS
Format: Paperback

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