Paths of Exploration Older Extension

by GeoMatters

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A Middle School Supplement provides guidance for older students who are using the learning series. Content follows along with the sourcebook but at a higher, more challenging level. Including higher level literature books, writing assignments, activities, and thinking skill points. Connect all your students to the same time period, and type of learning with the Trail Guide to Learning series Middle School (Older Extension) Supplement.

You can purchase each unit individually as a digital download or purchase the entire Paths of Exploration (First Edition) Older Extension as a digital download or CD-ROM. For more information on our product formats, visit our Product Format page.

Note: Many families have used the first edition middle school supplement along with the second edition curriculum. They will not always match up perfectly, but are still able to be used together. We are working on an update but do not yet have a set date for its availability.

Supplemental Books Required:

This supplement also provides additional reading assignments, grammar, research and reporting, and Enrichment Activities. The Older Extension Supplement leads students to go deeper and make more connections with the same topics taught in the Paths of Exploration text.

Please note: This supplement is not a stand-alone curriculum. You must have Paths of Exploration curriculum in order to use the Middle School (Older Extension) Supplement.



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Edition: First Edition
Format: CD or digital download

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