Geography can be integrated into almost every subject at any age. It is not just a list of facts and places, it is an opportunity to connect with and learn about the cultures of the world.

You will find many helpful resources within the collections below to accompany any curriculum or world geography study!

Trail Guide to World Geography

Trail Guide to World Geography (grades 3-12) is a family-friendly, multi-level curriculum that covers all the continents and the main countries found within. Your student will gain skills in mapping and atlas usage while discovering the people and places that make our world so diverse.

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Galloping the Globe

Galloping the Globe (grades K-4) follows a unit study approach to world geography. Students learn about the animals, people and culture of twenty-eight countries across all seven continents. Along with printable maps, flags, and activity pages, you will find many suggestions for additional projects and literature suggestions.

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World Physical Geography

Although we like to teach geography as it relates to our studies, if you prefer a geography textbook Brenda Runkle's award-winning one-year curriculum for 6th grade through high school is a good choice.

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