Journeys through the Ancient World Individual Units

by Debbie Strayer & Linda Fowler

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Journeys through the Ancient World is the much awaited continuation in the Trail Guide to Learning Series. Paths, the first three levels of this curriculum, establishes a firm foundation of our American heritage at the elementary level. Now, Journeys leads students through the fascinating study of World History at the Middle School Level.

In embarking on their Journeys through the Ancient World your students will be transported into four important early civilizations—Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Rome. The Bible is an essential part of this study, as both an historical and a literary text. And this is completely understandable, since it is one of very few eyewitness accounts of history unfolding at a time before written records were common.

These individual nine-week unit downloads include printable pdfs of the curriculum text, Student Notebook pages, reproducibles, and Astronomy Lab Book pages.

Unit 1, Patriarchs and Egypt

  • Curriculum Text: 222 pages
  • Student Notebook (Fox, 6th grade): 320 pages
  • Student Notebook (Badger, 7th grade): 328 pages
  • Student Notebook (Bobcat, 8th grade): 329 pages
  • Student Notebook Appendix : 27 pages
  • Astronomy Lab Book: 16 pages

Unit 2, Israel

  • Curriculum Text: 219 pages
  • Student Notebook (Fox, 6th grade): 332 pages
  • Student Notebook (Badger, 7th grade): 343 pages
  • Student Notebook (Bobcat, 8th grade): 346 pages
  • Student Notebook Appendix : 11 pages
  • Astronomy Lab Book: 20 pages

Unit 3, Greece

  • Curriculum Text: 243 pages
  • Student Notebook (Fox, 6th grade): 305 pages
  • Student Notebook (Badger, 7th grade): 316 pages
  • Student Notebook (Bobcat, 8th grade): 317 pages
  • Student Notebook Appendix : 11 pages
  • Astronomy Lab Book: 23 pages

Unit 4, Rome

  • Curriculum Text: 227 pages
  • Student Notebook (Fox, 6th grade): 296 pages
  • Student Notebook (Badger, 7th grade): 302 pages
  • Student Notebook (Bobcat, 8th grade): 302 pages
  • Student Notebook Appendix : 29 pages
  • Astronomy Lab Book: 20 pages

Packages which include most of the required resources used in each unit are also available.

As always, our goal is to engage families through real, interesting books, and to continue building thinking skills by linking concepts and examining various worldviews and assumptions. Discussion is a primary focus, along with illustrating ideas with words and sketches, and recognizing the differences between facts and opinions. All in all, it’s a fascinating trip.

And one of the best parts? You’re never alone on this journey—because support is just a click away! Our Yahoo user group gives you an opportunity to be a part of the community of those who are traveling with this complete curriculum (just add math!). Post questions, share experiences, and read the thoughts of others who are using our materials with their families. You can find the group at:

Publisher: Geography Matters
Edition: 2016
Format: Digital download (.pdf)
Size: 8.5" x 11"

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