Paths of Settlement 2nd Edition Student Notebook Pages

Paths of Settlement 2nd Edition Student Notebook Pages

by GeoMatters

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The 2nd Edition of Paths of Settlement is now available for purchase! However, please note that it will not ship until the first or second week of August.

Student note booking is an integral part of this curriculum. It is one of the benefits of the teaching approach used in the Trail Guide to Learning Series. Notebooking work assigned throughout the teacher manuals are clearly labeled on every student page by unit, lesson, part and section.

 The Second Edition Student Notebook Pages are sold by the unit and in your choice of digital download or printed and three-hole punched.

 Digital downloads include all three grade levels.

The 3-Hole Punched Printed version is sold by the grade level. 

Please know there are over one hundred pages in each unit per student. If you choose digital downloads you will be printing a lot of pages. We highly recommend the printed pages. Your time is valuable and often in short supply when teaching at home, especially with multiple grades together. We think you'll find the additional cost is well worth the convenience of having these ready to use when you need them.

You can buy one unit at a time and pay as you go, but when you purchase all 6 units together we'll give you one of them free!


These pages are ONLY for students who are using the SECOND EDITION of Paths of Settlement

If you need the First Edition Student Notebook Pages, they are available for purchase as a digital download.



Edition: 2017
Format: Paperback
Size: 8.5" x 11"

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